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Summary of Upper Division Electives
Astrophysics Major & Minor

PHYSICS 105 Analytic Mechanics
PHYSICS 110A,B Electromagnetism and Optics
PHYSICS 111 Modern Physics and Advanced Electrical Laboratory
PHYSICS 112 Introduction to Statistical and Thermal Physics
PHYSICS 124 Introductory Nuclear Physics
PHYSICS 129A,B Particle Physics
PHYSICS 137A,B Quantum Mechanics
PHYSICS 142 Introduction to Plasma Physics
PHYSICS 150 Introduction to Atmospheric and Space Sciences
MATH 104 Introduction to analysis
MATH 110 Linear algebra
MATH 121A,B Mathematical tools for the physical sciences
MATH 128A,B Numerical analysis
MATH 160 History of mathematics; req 113 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 185 Introduction to complex anaylsis; rEQ 104
EECS 150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems (5 units); Req 61C or EE 40 or 42
EECS 160 User Interface Design and Development (4 units); Req 61B
EECS 164 164 Programming Languages and Compilers (4 units); Req 61BC
EECS 169 Software Engineering (4 units); Req 61 BC
EECS 184 Foundations of Computer Graphics (4 units); Req 61B
EECS 186 Introduction to Database Sytems (4 units); Req 61BC
EECS 188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4 units); Req 61A or B
EECS 195 Social Implications of Computer Technology (2 units)
STAT 101 Introduction to the Theory of Probability (4 units)
STAT 102 Introduction to the Theory of Statistics (4 units); Req 101
STAT 134 Concepts of Probability (3 units)
STAT 135 Concepts of Statistics (4 units); Req 101 or 134
STAT 153 Introduction to Time Series (4 units); Req 101, 134
GEOPHY 108 Geodynamics
GEOPHY 121 Geophysics, req GEO 108
GEOPHY 122 Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, req PHY 105
GEOGR  146 Applied physical climatology
CHEM 104AB Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3 units)
CHEM 105 Instrumental Methods of Analysis (4 units); Req 104A
CHEM 108 Inorganic Synthesis and Reactions (4 units); Req 104AB
CHEM 112AB Organic Chemistry (5 units)
CHEM 120AB Physical Chemistry (3 units)
CHEM 122 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy (3 units); Req 120AB
CHEM 125 Physical Chemistry Laboratory (3 units); Req 120AB
CHEM 143 Nuclear Chemistry (2 units)
HISTORY 181B Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science (4 units)