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UCB Local Telescopes
Telescopes used by students to observe celestial objects


Meade LX200GPS Meade LX200GPS 14"
(Provided by Meade Instruments)
The largest telescope on campus is our Meade LX200GPS 14".  It is located in the center dome on the roof of Campbell Hall.  This telescope is used mainly for the class Astronomy 10.  Around one thousand students look though this telescope each semester.  Instructions for the Meade LX200 

Solarmax40 SolarMax40  H-alpha telescope
(Purchased with a generous donation from Barry Meijer)
This small portable 40 mm telescope is used by students to observe the Sun.

The Undergraduate Astronomy Lab has a L-band Horn and X-band East-West Interferometer on the roof of Campbell Hall.

Leuschner Observatory  (the student run observatory near Lafayette)
Attila Kabai
Office: Campbell 527  or   705
akabai AT astro DOT berkeley DOT edu

Campbell Hall location:

Coord System Latitude Longitude
Decimal Degrees 37.877778 -122.2455
Degrees 37:52:40 -122:14:44
Degrees & Hours 37:52:40 -8h 8m 59s

It's something like 100 m above sea level.