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  1. Accessing Departmental Printers
    (freshness: 11/12/14)
    N.B.: You must have a samba account in order to use this method.
    How to add a Samba shared printer

    Mac OS X 10.5.x - 10.10.x :
    1. Open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
    2. Click on the + icon below the list of printers on the left hand side of the panel
    3. A new panel appears. Control-click (or right click) on the title bar and select Customize Toolbar...
    4. Drag the Advanced gear icon into the toolbar of the panel and click "Done"
    5. Click on the Advanced icon in the toolbar
    6. Click on the "Type" scrollbar and select Windows printer via spoolss
    7. In the URL field, use the following format to link to the printer:
      where queue_name is the name of the printer (see printer table). For example, to add the printer p544, you would enter smb://
    8. Enter a Name for the printer so you know which one it is. Location is optional.
    9. Print Using: choose Generic PostScript Printer In rare cases, the generic driver will not behave correctly. If this occurs, you can delete and re-add the printer, and at this step select: Select a driver to use... and choose the appropriate printer model. For example, for p544, you would choose "HP LaserJet 5200". N.B. you can type the printer model in the search bar (with the magnifier icon) to quickly find the appropriate driver. The later versions of Mac OSX do not include drivers for most HP printers. To add these, you need to go to the Apple site and search for "HP printer drivers".
    10. Click Add
    11. The first time you send a job to the new printer, a dialog box will appear asking for your username and password to print. You should check Connect as Registered User and enter your Samba username and password. If you do not want to be prompted for a password every time you print to this printer, you should check the box next to Remember this password...