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Regular Events


Thursdays while classes are in session. Tea at 3:30 in HFA D lounge, talk at 4:10 in 2 Le Conte (fall) or 1 Le Conte (spring).

Date Speaker (Affiliation) Title Abstract Host
Jan 23 Claude-André Faucher-Giguère (Berkeley/Northwestern) Feedback-regulated star formation on galactic and cosmological scales abstract Arons
Jan 30 Ken Shen (Berkeley) The Changing Landscape of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors abstract Kasen
Feb 6 Kurt Woschnagg (Berkeley/SSL) IceCube and the Dawn of High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy abstract Nugent
Feb 13 Daniel Fabrycky (Chicago) The Timing of Planetary Systems abstract Marcy
Feb 20 Reinhard Genzel (MPE/Berkeley) The formation and evolution of massive star forming disks abstract Blitz
Feb 27 Michael Cooper (UCI) Expanding the Low-Mass Galaxy Frontier abstract Davis
Mar 6 Paul Kalas (Berkeley) The Three Dimensions of Astroethics abstract Graham
Mar 13 Feryal Ozel (Arizona) Neutron Stars and Black Holes: Insights into their Formation, Evolution, and Structure from their Masses and Radii abstract Quataert
Mar 20 Gregg Hallinan (Caltech) The Auroral Phenomenon: Tracing Magnetic Fields from Brown Dwarfs to Exoplanets abstract Parsons
Apr 3 Richard Ellis (Caltech) Observations of Star Forming Galaxies in the Heart of the Reionization Era abstract Kriek
Apr 10 Brendan Bowler (Caltech) The Outer Architecture of Planetary Systems abstract Chiang
Apr 17 Selma de Mink (Carnegie) Live Fast Die Young: The Evolution of Massive Stars towards their Death abstract Bloom
Apr 24 Lucio Mayer (ETH Zurich) Rapid formation pathways for supermassive black holes via direct collapse abstract Feldmann and Kriek
May 1 Andrew Youdin (Arizona) Kickstarting Planet Formation: The Rapid Growth of Large Planetesimals abstract Chiang

Astronomy colloquium series on UC Berkeley calendaring system.

Science@Cal Public Lecture Series

Monthly on Saturdays. For more information see here.


Other Local Events