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Regular Events


Thursdays while classes are in session. Tea at 3:30 in HFA D lounge, talk at 4:10 in 2 Le Conte (fall) or 1 Le Conte (spring).

Date Speaker (Affiliation) Title Abstract Host
Aug 28 Department members 1 minute colloquia abstract N/A
Sep 4 Linda Tacconi (MPE) The Evolution of Molecular Gas and Star Formation from the Peak Epoch of Galaxy Formation to the Present abstract Kriek
Sep 11 Chao-Lin Kuo (Stanford) BICEP/Keck experiments abstract Seljak
Sep 18 Evan Kirby (Caltech) Dwarf Galaxies: The Nexus of Dark Matter and Chemical Evolution abstract Ma
Sep 25 Tom Abel Dark Matter Dynamics abstract White
Oct 2 Hannah Jang-Condell (Wyoming) Using Young Disks as Laboratories for Studying Planet Formation abstract Marcy
Oct 9 Zoe Leinhardt (Bristol) Is Earth's Composition Just Skin Deep? abstract Graham
Oct 16 Alexander Rudolph (California State Polytechnic University) CAMPARE and Cal-Bridge: Promoting Astronomy and Physics for Underrepresented Students in California abstract de Pater
Oct 23 Eve Ostriker (Princeton) Opulence and Thrift in the Interstellar Medium abstract McKee
Oct 30 Hilke Schlichting (MIT) From Shocks to Resonances: Formation of close-in Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes abstract Chiang
Nov 6 Adam Leroy (NRAO) Star Formation in a Galactic Context abstract Blitz
Nov 13 Jack Burns (University of Colorado) The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) abstract Parsons
Nov 20 Fiona Harrison (Caltech) Science Highlights from the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR): Bringing the High Energy Universe into Focus abstract Quataert
Dec 4 Robin Canup (SwRI) TBA abstract EPS

Astronomy colloquium series on UC Berkeley calendaring system.

Science@Cal Public Lecture Series

Monthly on Saturdays. For more information see here.


Other Local Events