Why Berkeley Astronomy

Department Overview

Studying Astronomy at Berkeley means many things: it means working with extensive figures and data sets and designing and operating complicated instruments; it means working and collaborating with some of the best scientists in their fields; it means having the ability to access a seemingly never-ending list of resources and making meaningful contributions to the very topics you are studying; ultimately, studying Astronomy at Berkeley means exploring, discovering, and understanding the world beyond our own with the support of a top, internationally-ranked institution and a department that sets the standard for thorough, innovative, and in-depth approaches to Astronomy study and research.


The Department of Astronomy faculty is comprised of world-renowned researchers who have made significant contributions in their respective research fields, including Dark Matter Cosmology, Supernova, Exo-planets, Proto-planetary disks, Theoretical Astrophysics, Star Formation, and numerous other subjects. Our faculty head-up numerous research groups that shape and reshape our understanding of the Universe, including the recent Nobel-prize winning discovery regarding the rapid expansion of the Universe. In addition to their research, Astronomy faculty are dedicated to working closely with students to continue the mission set forth by the UC Berkeley to support public education and maintain the inherent high standard of academic excellence.

Resources and Research

Campbell Hall, home to the department, is a new state-of-the-art facility located on the Hearst Mining Circle that houses our many on-site labs, facilities, libraries, and remote observing rooms for connections to Keck and Lick observatories; department-based projects covering a wide range of research topics are conducted in-house everyday, meaning opportunities to work with some of the most innovative and active scientists on campus. In addition to these opportunities, students are able to obtain funding for travel and additional resources to aide personal research projects.

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Astronomy Undergraduate program offers students a thorough and hands-on experience in the study of Astronomy. Between the specialized labs and courses, opportunities to work on projects alongside our faculty and researchers, chances to obtain personal research funding, and access to numerous local and international resources and facilities, our students find themselves graduating with research experience, computational and analytic skills, and an education that will equip them to continue on the path of success.

Graduate Program

The UC Berkeley Astronomy department graduate program has a long history of excellence in the study of Astrophysics; as leaders in our field, we seek to maintain our reputation and continue our tradition of providing high-quality education by investing in our students. We boast consistently top-ranked graduate and Ph. D programs by ensuring our students work and study along-side world-renown faculty and utilize our state-of-the-art labs and resources located around the globe, in addition to the numerous personal resources supplied by the department. Once accepted, our students find themselves at the forefront of our scientific research and, later, as leaders in their chosen industries and educational endeavors.