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Astrophysics Research Projects


fluid dynamics simulationAstrophysical Fluid Dynamics Group

The Berkeley Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Group uses state-of-the-art numerical techniques to study the behavior of gas in the interstellar medium, including physical effects such as self-gravity, magnetic fields, and radiative transfer.

Berkeley Automated Imaging Telescopes (BAIT)

BAIT is a collection of unattended astronomical telescopes with electronic cameras to search for supernovae and monitor the brightness of celestial objects.

Berkeley Pulsar Group

The Berkeley Pulsar Group is active in developing new signal processing hardware that is attached to telescopes to monitor pulsar emissions.

Center for Adaptive Optics

UC Berkeley is a member institute in this National Science Foundation technology center, created to advance and disseminate the technology of adaptive optics in service to science, health care, industry, and education.