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UCB Astronomy Faculty Research Publications


To get a flavor of what research is being pursued in Berkeley, one can refer to the publications of our faculty members (courtesy of the NASA Astrophysics Data System), and to online copies of recent Ph.D. thesis abstracts.

Current abstracts and preprints of research papers can also be found on the astro-ph preprint server.

Jon Arons
Don Backer
Gibor Basri
Leo Blitz
Josh Bloom
Geoff Bower
Eugene Chiang
Marc Davis
Imke de Pater
Alex Filippenko
Al Glassgold
James Graham
Carl Heiles
Paul Kalas
Richard Klein
Raymond Jeanloz
Chung-Pei Ma
Geoff Marcy
Chris McKee
Eliot Quataert
Hyron Spinrad
Harold Weaver
Jack Welch
Martin White