Photo of Tanmoy Laskar

Tanmoy Laskar

Jansky Fellow


  • 251 Campbell Hall


Home Institution:

  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Research Interests

Transients, Gamma-ray bursts, multi-wavelength observations & modelling.

Personal Interests

Besides astronomy, I love reading, writing, composing poetry, baking, and biking. I am an amateur watercolor artist and have a passion for languages. When I'm not working, I can be found singing (I've sung with the Harvard University Choir, the Harvard Glee Club and the Harvard-Radcliffe chorus), playing tennis, or writing Renaissance polyphony.


I recently completed my PhD in Astronomy from Harvard University, where I worked with Edo Berger studying the progenitors and environments of long-duration gamma-ray bursts. 

Further information is available on my professional website.