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Philip Bull

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Research Interests

  • Large-scale structure surveys and 21cm intensity mapping
  • Dark energy theory and cosmological tests of General Relativity
  • Secondary anisotropies of the CMB, especially the KSZ effect
  • Cosmology with radio telescopes
  • General relativistic effects in cosmology
  • Stochastic processes and computational methods


I'm a postdoc in the Radio Astronomy Lab, working on HERA, SKA, and LSST. My expertise is in theoretical cosmology, especially modelling large-scale structure, relativistic effects, and tests of gravity, but I also work on simulations and statistical data analysis methods.

I grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, and went off to Manchester to study astrophysics in 2006, where I first met a real-life radio telescope and developed my passion for cosmology. I did my DPhil (PhD) at Wadham College, Oxford, where I specialised in theoretical cosmology. I then spent 2.5 years in Oslo as a postdoc (until 2015), then 2 years as a NASA NPP Fellow at Caltech/JPL (until 2017) before arriving in Berkeley. I'm a member of the SKA, LSST, and HERA projects, and was also involved in the open source software community for a while.