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TALC: The Astronomy Learning Center

The Astronomy Learning Center is a large, collaborative “office hour” where students work on their homework assignments in an informal, group setting. TALC is staffed by GSIs who serve as guides, rather than tutors, in helping student groups with their homework problems. In addition to supervised group work, students may discuss difficulties in their conceptual understanding of lecture and reading topics with the GSIs and their peers.

TALC is held in Room 264 of Evans Hall and Room 544 of Campbell Hall. The Fall 2009 TALC hours are:

Astronomy 7A Astronomy 10 Astronomy C10 Astronomy 160 Astronomy 162
Eugene Chiang
  • Wed 5-7 264 Evans
Marc Davis
  • Wed 7-9 544 Campbell
Alex Filippenko
  • Wed 7-9 264 Evans
  • Thu 6-9 264 Evans
Alex Filippenko
  • Wed 5-7 544 Campbell
Imke de Pater
  • TBD


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