Using the Video Projector

The video projector takes input from any VGA-capable computer; that includes IBM PC's, Sun Ultra 5's and up, and PowerBook G3's. Just plug the VGA cable into the "Monitor In" port on the back of the projector, and into the monitor out port of the computer. You may need to press the "Mode" button and make sure the mode is "Computer".

It can also take input from the ViewStation by an SVGA cable or RCA plugs; if you hook it up before you turn the ViewStation on, the ViewStation will use it as a second monitor and try to do intelligent things with it. To set it up as an external monitor, plug the SVGA cable (recommended--the black cable with yellow ends) into the extra SVGA port on the back of the ViewStation; the bottom row is output, the top is input. If you hook up by an SVGA or RCA cable, you need to set the "Mode" to "Video".

To use "zoom" or "focus", press the appropriate button, and then use the arrow buttons to zoom or focus in or out.