Viewstation 512 Setup instructions

The primary video and audio ports should remain plugged into the TV upon which the ViewStation 512 sits. The triangular microphone stays attached via a brown RJ-11 jack, and lives in the top shelf of the cart along with both the TV and the PolyCom remote.

The white network cable goes from the orange RJ-45 port on the back of the unit, to the wall connection (501-1 in room 501, 643-1 in room 643). The IP address is (, gateway, netmask

If you are doing an ISDN conference (with the SETI Institute), you must also connect the green-tipped cable which lives connected to the ISDN lines in 501, to the green RJ-45 port on the back of the PolyCom unit. If you are going to use the ShowStation, you must also plug in the white network cable. The ISDN phone number is 510-642-1950.

If you are using the ShowStation, it is best to plug it in, turn it on and allow it to boot before you turn on the PolyCom unit.

If the presenter wants to connect a laptop to the net, and the ShowStation is not being used, the laptop can be connected via the black network cable, which plugs into the purple RJ-45 port on the back of the PolyCom unit. The IP address is (, gateway, netmask

To initiate a call, use the ViewStation remote to select either "Video Call" or "Address Book". The Address Book will have the last 6 connections made on-screen; you can choose the Address Book icon again to see the full address book.

If you choose "Video Call", use the remote to enter the IP address or ISDN phone number you want to connect to. The right arrow on the remote will insert a period. Make sure that the call type is properly set (ISDN or IP). Speed should be 384 kilobits for either, until we get the network upgrade--then we can kick the IP speed up to 768 kilobits.

See also the instructions on how to use the video projector.