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UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Computer Use Policies

Adapted from UCLink Computer Use Policies. 1998.

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UC Berkeley Computer Use Policies and Guidelines

UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Policies

Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for knowing all policies and conditions for use of this account.

Astronomy Department Computers and Accounts

Astronomy Department accounts are available to current UC Berkeley Astronomy Department faculty, postdocs, grad students, and staff. There is a monthly fee for all accounts, and further charges for CPU, connect time, printing, and disk use on public computers. Current rates are set by the Astronomy Department Computer Committee. Accounts are set up by Bill, provided that: the user has a method of paying for the account (a recording number), and the user agrees to abide by these regulations. The user must fill out an account request form (available from Bill, and office staff), and the form must be signed by the person paying for the account (except in the case of first-year grad students whose accounts are paid by "instructional computing" funds).

Any computer connected to an ethernet port within the Astronomy Department is considered to be part of the department's computing service, and use of the computer is subject to these regulations. The department (through Bill Boyd) must be consulted before any computer is connected to its ethernet ports.

Appropriate Use of Astronomy Department Computers

It is understood that the primary purpose of department computers is for work relevant to astronomy, and to any necessary administrative tasks. In addition, users have access to e-mail, the worldwide web and usenet, provided that they abide by University of California and Berkeley campus regulations (see links at top of this page).

Astronomy Department Computer accounts are NOT to be used for sending mass mailings, chain letters, forging messages or masking the identity of an account, sending harassing e-mail such as sending unsolicited mail to strangers, any commercial use, etc. Users are not to attempt to login to computer accounts which are not their own, either on this system or any outside the department. Overuse or misuse of the net (e.g., mechanized search programs) will result in a warning first, which if unheeded, may result in the termination of the user's account.

Do not share your password with others. You are liable for any other individual's misuse of your account. You are expected to keep a secure password (6-8 characters, with at least one non-alphabetic character).

Account Expiration and File Deletion

Your account will be available to you throughout your affiliation with the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department. BEFORE you leave, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make clear to your account's financial sponsor how much longer you will need the account after you go. It is then your sponsor's responsibility to notify Bill in writing (or e-mail) when your account is to be cancelled. Unless other arrangements are specified, all of your files will be deleted when your account is terminated.

E-mail Forwarding After You Leave
The department will maintain a mail alias for you for at least a year after you leave if you ask Bill. Note that the alias only works for username@astro and not (for example) username@titan if the machine titan is removed or renamed, thus, it is best to give out your e-mail address as: username@astro rather than at your personal machine.
Computer Purchasing and Installation

As is specified above, no computer may be connected to the Astronomy Department ethernet ports without the permission of Bill. Furthermore, his consulting is currently (and for the forseeable future!) only available for Sun workstations. When you buy a new computer, or bring one in from outside the department, Bill will install (or reinstall) the current release of the Solaris OS, and will set the root password. No one other than Bill or Colby Kraybill is permitted to be superuser on any machine connected directly to the department ethernet. If you want to have root access to your machine, your machine will not be permitted to share disks or printers with the department and you will need to have your computer protected by a hardware firewall that Bill will configure and maintain.

Software Installation

Bill will endeavor to keep the OS up to date with recent patches. He will also maintain existing packages, installing new versions relatively soon after release. Users may install any software themselves in their own directories, and if the software is of likely interest to more than a couple members of the department, users may ask Bill to install it to /usr/local/bin where it will be accessable to all.

Disk Backups

We will backup all partitions of <= 9Gbytes. There is a charge for backups (see: current rates). Files are kept on tape for approximately 30 days before they are overwritten.

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