UC Berkeley Astronomy Department Computer Rates

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These are the currently effective rates as of June 2013. The basic charge per user account per month is $43. The rates have been adjusted to reflect the cost of the service, backups of data not in the home directories, and new hardware such as new printers and server/backup hardware.

Monthly charges for services:

Account Fee			$43.00
includes non-home disk backup, AV equipment and multi-device support

Departmental IT 		$10.00/managed system
Computer System Management

Home Disk Usage/Backup		$ 1/Gb
Home directories are backed up nightly and stored redundantly for a minimum of 45 days

Non-home Disk Backup		FREE

Printed B&W pages      		$0.12/page

Printed color pages    		$0.20/page (price subsidized by department) 

Printed poster pages  		$40.00/poster