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Backup Policies and Procedures

Home directories on /o are backed up nightly and backups are retained for at least 6 weeks.

Since our backup system is paid for through the recharge of user accounts, we do not backup every file on every computer in our network. Also, we do not perform any archival backups. A file system is backed up at the request of the owner of the computer. These backups occur incrementally on a nightly basis with up to two full backups done every month. Not every file or directory is backed up during these backups, of note is that no .netscape or .mozilla directory or its contents are backed up, neither are any directories with "nobackup" in their name or any subdirectories of that "nobackup" directory. No file systems that can contain more than 30 Gigabytes of data are backed up except under specific arrangement with the owner about limiting the amount of data therein that will be backed up. No backup is kept longer than 6 weeks. You can request to have files restored by sending email to with the full path to the file or directory in question and what day it was last in a usable state.

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