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Getting Set Up with CalMail

  1. Remember/Set your CalNet ID and passphrase
    Your CalNet ID is what you use to authenticate yourself online for many campus services. Every UC employee has one. If you need help setting/resetting your CalNet passphrase, please see Bill Boyd.
  2. Go to the CalMail Account Creation page
    Click on "Authenticate"
  3. Enter your CalNet ID and passphrase
    Remember that your CalNet ID may not be your employee number anymore.
    • Click on "Authenticate."
  4. Choose Domain
    The "Create a CalMail Account" page will load. If you already have an active account, the username will be displayed. If you have forgotten your password, you may change it by clicking on "Change Password" in the left side menu. If you do not yet have a CalMail account, proceed with these instructions.
    • Select Domain: ""
    • Click "Continue"
  5. Policy agreement
    If you agree to the UC Berkeley email policy:
    • Enter "yes"
    • Click "Continue"
  6. Set Username and Password
    Note that the username will be part of your CalMail email address. You can have people send mail directly to this address or to your original address and the mail will end up with CalMail in both cases.
    • Enter your CalMail username
    • Enter your CalMail password
      Use your CalNet passphrase if possible since this will be CalMail policy after September 2009.
    • Verify your CalMail password
    • Check "yes" if you want the address to be made public.
    • Click "Create Account"
  7. That's it. You should see the page that says "Your account is now ready for use." You can access it via web mail or from Pine or another client such as Thunderbird.

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