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Techniques for cleaning up unwanted files from your home directory

Often, one of the
larger hidden disk use areas are your Netscape/Mozilla disk caches.  These can be cleaned
up typically by opening the Edit-> Preferences menu and going to the Advanced item on the
left side of the window that opened.  Under a subtopic is "Cache", open this and then you
can Clear your Disk Cache (or even set the amount used for it to zero to keep it from using
a disk cache).

Other things to look at are any files ending with ~ (temporary emacs file), any "core" files resulting from core
dumped processes.  These files can probably be deleted after verifying they are what they
seem to be.

Another thing to check is the Trash folder used by CDE and Gnome.  Use of the file managers
in each of these and trashing files using it really doesn't delete the files until the Trash is