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Berkeley IDL Users

IDL is the Interactive Data Language. It has become a popular tool for data analysis and visualization around these parts. This page is here for a few reasons:
  • Berkeleyans have some useful code to contribute to the world.
  • It's nice to have a gateway to the most useful IDL resources on the internet.
  • The UCB Astronomy Department has an IDL Users Mailing List. Pertinent useful information offered to this forum will be collected here.

Setting Up Your IDL Environment

Berkeley User Code

IDL Sites and Tutorials


  • I'm running IDL in an xterm. Sometimes my command line becomes so long that it wraps to the next line. When I notice that I typed prnit rather than print, I can't access the line above. What's the deal?
      Your xterm is not set to enable Reverse Wraparound. Type <SHIFT>-<MIDDLE BUTTON> in the xterm and select "Enable Reverse Wraparound" or start your xterm with the -rw flag.
  • Where do all the locally contributed procedures live? I want to use them on my laptop.
      From your sun account:
        > cd /usr/local/rsi/idl
        > tar cf ~/ulib.tar ulib
      Then copy ~/ulib.tar to your laptop's /usr/local/rsi/idl directory. Then on your laptop:
        > cd /usr/local/rsi/idl
        > tar xf ulib.tar
  • When I try to start IDL on my laptop, it says that I don't have a valid host for the license. It was working fine when I was away at XXX. What do I do now?
      Probably, the hostname in the license file is set to what it was at XXX. Edit /usr/local/rsi/license/license.dat. Change the hostname there to match your current hostname (which you can get by typing hostname or uname -n.)

    To get on/off the Berkeley IDL Users mailing list, or suggest a link: HERE.

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