Printing from your Mac using Samba

N.B.: You must have a samba account in order to use this method.  To get one, contact central@astro

How to add a Windows (samba) shared printer

1.    Open System Preferences > Print & Fax
    2.    Mac OS X 10.4.x users: With the Printing tab selected, click on the + icon below the list of printers.  
                In the Printer Browser window, select the IP Printer icon, then hold the Option key while clicking the "More Printers" button.
           Mac OS X 10.3.x users: Hold the Option key down while choosing Add Printer from the Printers menu.
    3.    Choose Advanced from the first pop-up menu.
    4.    Choose Windows Printer via SAMBA from the Device pop-up menu.
    5.    In the Device Name field, type the name you would like to use for this printer in Mac OS X.
    6.    In the Device URI field, use the following format to link to the printer:


            where queue_name is the name of the printer, e.g., p544
    7.    Choose the appropriate PPD or printer driver from the Printer Model pop-up menu.
    8.    Click Add.

To enable duplex printing:
    1.    Return to the Print & Fax dialog. 
    2.    Highlight the printer you just added and click "Printer Setup..."  
    3.    Check the box labelled "Duplex Unit" and Apply the changes