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IMAP MAIL Server and Web Mail
Creating a Vacation Message
Mail Aliases
SIG Mail Lists

IMAP Mail Server

All departmental email is handled by the CalMail service.

Campus E-Mail Accounts created after August, 2012 use bMail. There are several ways to access bMail:

Campus E-Mail Accounts created befpre September, 2012 still currenty use the CalMail server. These accounts are scheduled to migrate to bMail in late 2012. There are several ways to access CalMail; please see the mail migration page for more information.

Creating a Vacation Message

Access your CalMail account here. Under "Manage Your Account", click "Vacation Message" to type your message.

Mail Aliases

We have established the following mail aliases for groups within the department. Send email to '' if you notice that one of these files is out of date.

adminstaff administrative staff /maillists/users/mail.adminstaff
staff all staff (admin, research, HCRO) /maillists/users/mail.staff
faculty faculty /maillists/users/mail.faculty
research non-faculty RAL researchers /maillists/users/mail.research
postdocs postdocs /maillists/users/mail.postdocs
ralusers RAL faculty, staff, students /maillists/users/mail.ralusers
students grad students /maillists/users/mail.students
fraculty Related faculty in non-astro departments;friends of astro faculty /maillists/users/mail.fraculty

everyone == all of the above, plus undergrads, visitors, and any interested parties from other departments: /maillists/users/mail.lis

On the ugastro net:
everyone == /adm/aliases/alias_everyone


SIG Mail Lists

Special Interest Group (SIG) mail lists have been set up for Mac Users, Linux Users and Windows Users. To send mail to these lists, use the following addresses:

To subscribe to any of these lists, do the following:

  • In a web browser, open
  • Under List Address type one of: {astromacuser, astrolinuxuser, astrowinuser} and click Search
  • Enter your email address and other information and click Subscribe


To suggest changes, additions, clarifications in this documentation, contact Central Services: central@astro.
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