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Setting Up Mail Clients to Use the Astronomy IMAP Server

Web Mail is also available HERE
N.B. Web Mail will only work if your mail is stored in a directory called mail -- more information

Mail Client Setup Instructions

Mail Client Setup for
Mail ( Mac OS X
Mozilla/Netscape Linux
Mac OS X
Sun Solaris
Windows XP
Thunderbird Linux
Mac OS X
Windows XP
Pine No change needed

Quick Guide for Power Users

Incoming Mail Server:
IMAP Server Directory:      mail 
Username/Login name:  your-username
Email Address:
Password:             your-password
Use Secure Socket Connection (SSL), port 993 (alternative port)
Use Secure Authentication: unchecked

Outgoing mail server:
Allow Authentication: unchecked
Use Secure Connection: No

NOTE: will only work as an outgoing SMTP server for computers connected within the astronomy subnet (including laptops using DHCP that are connected to a cable).  If you are connected from home, please use the outgoing mail server operated by your Internet Service Provider.  If you are connected via AirBears, you must use another outgoing mail server such as the one provided by CalMail.

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