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Mail Directory

In order to use the Astronomy Department's web mail, and to conform with the IMAP mail client configuration instructions, you will need to have a directory or link called mail under your Unix home directory.  Many users already have this as their mail directory.  

Some people have a directory called Mail, and others may have one called nsmail.  These users will need to create a link.  

Some people have no mail directory under their home directory.  These people will need to create a directory called mail there.

Check to see if you have a mail directory

On a Solaris,  Linux or Mac OS X computer, open a terminal window and ssh (in Windows, use SSH Secure Shell) to a Unix machine in the Astronomy Department such as  

(enter password)
cd mail

If this last command returns mail: No such file or directory, then you need to create a link to the directory where your mail is stored.  If the command does not fail, check to see that you have some files there:

ls -l

Creating a link to an existing mail directory named something other than mail

If you were not able to cd into a directory called mail, but you do have a mail directory, e.g., Mail, make a link:

ln -s Mail mail

Creating a new mail directory

If you have no existing mail directory, or if you want to make a fresh start, type the following:

mkdir mail

When you are all finished, type exit to end the ssh session.  If you need assistance in making a link etc., please contact central@astro.

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