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Setting Up Mail: Thunderbird* in Windows XP

* The instructions for setting up Mozilla/Netscape Mail are essentially the same.  Start Mozilla/Netscape, open Windows>Mail&Newsgroups, and continue with the instructions below.

Incoming Mail (IMAP)

  • Start Thunderbird
  • If this is the first time the application is being run, the Account Wizard will start; otherwise: 
    • Select Local Folders and View settings for this account, then click Add Account...
  • Select Email Account and click Next
  • Enter your name and your email address (i.e. your Reply-To address) and click Next 
  • In the Server Information panel, select IMAP and for Incoming Server AND Outgoing Server, enter and click Next
  • NOTE: will only work as an outgoing SMTP server for computers connected within the astronomy subnet (including laptops using DHCP that are connected to a cable).  If you are connected from home, please use the outgoing mail server operated by your Internet Service Provider.  If you are connected via AirBears, you must use another outgoing mail server such as the one provided by CalMail.

    server info panel

  • In the User Names panel, enter the user name for your Unix account and click Next  
  • In the Account Name panel, choose a name for this account to be used by Mozilla, e.g., Astro Email
  • Click Finish
  • When the alert box comes up, click OK 

  • In the mail viewer, select the account you just created and click on View settings for this account
  • In the Account Settings Panel, select Server Settings for the account you just created
  • Under Security Settings, check Use secure connection: SSL -- the port number should automatically be set to 993

    Server settings for account--activate SSL

  • Click on the Advanced... button
  • For IMAP server directory, enter mail and click OK (Read here how to make sure this directory or link exists)

    Setting the IMAP server directory

  •  Finally, in the Account Settings Panel, click OK

Checking Mail for the First Time

You will be asked if you trust the department's security certificate.
Select Accept this certificate permanently and click OK

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