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Printing from a Mac?  See here. Also see the note on duplex printing in the next section.

Printing from Windows PC?  See here.

There are five b/w postscript printers available: 

  • "bw2" (HP LaserJet P4015) is outside 203 Campbell
  • "bw3" (HP LaserJet 600) is outside 303 Campbell
  • "p433" (HP LaserJet 600) is outside 403 Campbell
  • "p544" (HP LaserJet 5200) is outside 501S Campbell
  • "p665" (HP LaserJet 5200) is in 605 Campbell

Each managed workstation is normally set up to use the closest printer as the default lp. All laser printers are capable of 2-sided printing (lp -o duplex); Use the lp command rather than the old lpr, use "lpstat -t" rather than lpq. "lp" automatically recognizes postscript and rasterfiles.

N.B. If you get a postscript file via email, don't forget to strip off the header, and any lines preceding the line:

To print TeX dvi files, use dvips or TeXShop.

Another useful print command is enscript, e.g., to print a file, rotated, 2 columns per page:

enscript -2r file

To print one-sided from a Linux machine, use:

lp -d p544 -o sides=one-sided filename

If that command fails, try:

lp -d p544 -o Duplex=None filename

To explicitly print duplex from a Linux box or a Mac command line:

lp -d p544 -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble filename

Color Printing

There are two color printers:

  • "color2" (HP Color LaserJet CP4525dn) outside 303 Campbell
  • "colord" (HP Color LaserJet CP4525dn) outside 455 Campbell
One may also print to the "copiers" on the 5th floor.
They will print duplex with the "-o duplex" option to the lp command.

If the color printers ask for toner (a message will show up in the printer message window), please notify the Front Desk receptionist or send email to central@astro.

To print on one of the color printers, enter:

lp -d color filename
lp -d color2 filename
lp -d colord filename


To print a poster, please see these instructions

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