Using vncviewer to access Windows PC in 501B remotely

A vnc server has been installed on the Windows 2000 PC in
501B in order to allow remote access of its tools (such as
Microsoft Office).  To make use of this from your Sun Solaris
or Linux workstation, follow the directions below:

1) start vncviewer (it is /usr/local/bin/vncviewer (solaris) or /apps2/linux-apps/vnc/vncviewer (linux))

2) at the window that comes up, enter in the VNC Server field

3) click on the OK button

4) there will be questions asked the first time you do this about generating
    and accepting keys... do this now

5) Enter your Username and Password on the Windows 2000 PC (if you
    do not have an account there, please see central staff to have one created)

6) After being authenticated, you should see a window that looks like the login
    screen for the windows pc.  Login with your username and password again.

7) You are done.  Once you are logged in, you can now use MS Office there as well
    as access file systems on the Suns/Linux computers via SAMBA, as well as use
    internet explorer (if you really need to do so).

8) When you wish to finish, simply kill the window in which windows
     is running, this will also log you out of the windows pc.  Please do not
     continue to maintain a vncviewer session longer than absolutely necessary.

Policy statement:  because a user can end up logging in while someone else
is logged in to the windows PC console (effectively becoming that user on the
PC), please verify that the windows PC console is not being used before
logging into the PC via vncviewer.  Also, this service has limited access only
to computers in the astronomy department subnetwork.