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Before You Go:

Insurance:  The department requires that you obtain travel insurance BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. Follow this link to find out more, and click on "Apply by completing this form" to apply:

Airline Tickets:  The campus has a contractual agreement with a travel agency for purchasing airline tickets – see the C&G Administrator or your PI for information on how to contact the agency.  After you reserve your flight(s), we process the Central Travel System (CTS) form to charge the tickets directly to your extramural funds.  Alternately, you can charge the tickets to your University-sponsored Visa/Master Card or personal credit card, and receive reimbursement via voucher on completion of your trip.  If you are traveling on federal grant funds, all air travel (foreign or domestic) must be aboard a U.S. flag carrier, via coach or economy class.  All travel expenses must be accounted for at the conclusion of the trip.  Staff who can assist you with travel questions are Nina Ruymaker for RAL, or Kathy Wang for Astronomy.  If you are working with a Professor, travel is handled by the C&G administrator who takes care of the PI Grants. 

Visa/Master Card:  This University-sponsored card is available to employees at no charge, and is intended for use on business related travel, including car rental.  It may also be used at ATMs for cash advances, up to 2 transactions per week at a maximum of $250 per transaction.  See Grant Assistant for complete info and application.

If you are here on a visa, please be aware of the travel restrictions and requirements of your visa before you go as there may be complications with your return if you leave the country.

If you are driving to the CARMA site or visiting any high altitude location, read this page about altitude sickness.

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When You Return:

Electronic reimbursement:  This electronic funds transfer (EFT) system is separate from the payroll EFT, and is used for travel and related reimbursements.  Complete the form posted at print, sign and send to Disbursements with a deposit slip. Once in the system, you will receive prior e-mail notification of your processed reimbursement, and the funds will be deposited into your bank.  See your contract and grant administrator if you need a hard copy of the form. 

Reimbursement:  Copies of the travel reimbursement worksheet are available on the web page. Complete the requested information, and give to the C&G Administrator with all receipts within 10 days of your return.  Detailed, itemized airline, lodging, and car rental receipts are required for reimbursement.  These receipts must show a zero balance or form of payment.  If they do not please supply the credit card receipt as a back-up, or if paid by check a front and back copy of the canceled check.  Remember a valid receipt must show:  who paid, when it was paid, amount of payment and form of payment.  If you are unsure of what you need for full reimbursement, please see a C&G Administrator before you leave on your trip.