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Dyas Utomo



Research Interests

Galaxy formation and evolution. Star formation in resolved-galaxy scale. Giant molecular clouds. Turbulence in interstellar medium.


Undergraduate at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia (2009), and Ph.D. at UC Berkeley (2017, expected), with some gap years when I worked as technician at telecommunation company, trainer of astronomy olympiad team, and internship at business consulting firm.


Extragalactic Database for Galaxy Evolution (EDGE)

The CARMA EDGE survey will provide a measurement of the distribution of molecular gas in a statistically significant sample of over one hundred galaxies. The survey targets the J = 1-0 transition of CO and its 13CO isotopologue, which trace the bulk of the cold, star-forming gas. Paired with matched IFU mapping of the entire optical spectrum, this survey enables studies of resolved star formation efficiencies and histories, gas and stellar kinematics, nebular extinctions, and ionized gas properties across the Hubble sequence. The EDGE survey is designed to move the field of millimeter-wave interferometry from the piecemeal collection of case studies into the realm of large samples.

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