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Steven Giacalone


I'm a first year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley. My research interests mostly mostly involve exoplanets and planetary science, although I'm eager to branch out into other areas of research over the next few years.

I attended college at the University of Chicago, where I graduated in 2017 with a BA in Physics and a specialization in Astrophysics. While in college, I had the pleasure of working on a variety of astrophysics-related projects. These projects involved, for instance, studying TTVs (Transit Timing Variations) in the orbits of rocky exoplanets with Professor Dan Fabrycky, simulating exoplanet migration and the occurrence of "hot Earths" with Professor Arieh Konigl, and modeling dust transport in protostellar disks with Professor Fred Ciesla.

Outside of school, I mostly like to do nerd things (i.e., read sci-fi, watch Game of Thrones theory videos on youtube, play video games, etc.). I'm also into hiking and exploration, and am excited to see what cool sights the west coast has in store!