Summer Reading Club:  Classic Papers in Astrophysics

Summer 2003

Organizers:   Yoram Lithwick and Eugene Chiang (Astronomy Department, UC Berkeley)

Time & Place:   Fridays 12:00 - 1:30 in 501 Campbell Hall


Informal summertime reading seminar to review important and/or oft-cited papers in the astrophysical literature. 

Efforts will be made to understand every equation.


Papers will be chosen by consensus among participants. 

A discussion leader will be chosen prior to meeting time.

This discussion leader will call upon meeting participants to derive/explain/discuss equations and physical concepts.

THEREFORE COME PREPARED having tried to work through the weekly reading! 

FREE PIZZA and SODA brought to you by the TAC!! 


6/6 Goldreich & Lynden-Bell  1965, MNRAS, 130, 125  Spiral Arms as Sheared Gravitational Instabilties  125-133  GL-B "Spiral structure is well understood."-remark by P. Goldreich
6/13 " " " 133-143  " "
6/20 " " " 143-end  " "
6/27 (6 votes) Weber & Davis 1967, ApJ, 148, 217 The Angular Momentum of the Solar Wind 217-227 WD "G & L-B is opaque compared to Weber & Davis."--remark by T. Thompson
7/11 Belcher & MacGregor 1976, ApJ, 210, 498 Magnetic Acceleration of Winds from Solar-type Stars Sections II, III & Appendix B   BM "
7/18 Lighthill 1952, Proceedings of Royal Society of London, A, 211, 564-582 On Sound Generated Aerodynamically Up to page 582   L "I'm happy to read any paper written by a Brit." -- remark by Y. Lithwick
" Mahajan, Goldreich, Phinney Unfinished textbook Order of Magnitude Physics of Sound Optional Supplemental   MGP1 "
" Mahajan, Goldreich, Phinney Unfinished textbook Order of Magnitude PROBLEM on Sound Optional Supplemental   MGP2 "
" Blandford & Thorne Unfinished textbook Classical Physics Optional Supplemental   BT or Course website "
8/1 Henon 1981, Chaotic Behavior of Deterministic Systems, Les Houches, Session XXXVI Numerical Exploration of Hamiltonian Systems 57-90 See Yoram for a photo-copy "It seems somehow fitting that of all the people to give birth to the modern study of chaos, Carl Heiles should be among them." -- remark by E. Chiang
8/8 " " " 91-end  " "
" Henon & Heiles 1964, AJ, 69, 73 The Applicability of the Third Integral of Motion: Some Numerical Experiments Optional Supplemental HH "
8/15 Press & Schechter 1974, ApJ, 187, 425 Formation of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies by Self-Similar Gravitational Condensation 425-438 PS "It shouldn't work but it does."--remark by M. White
8/15 White Lecture Notes from Large-Scale Structure Summer Mini-Course Notes on the Press-Schechter formalism Optional Supplement W "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Walker & Ford 1969, Physical Review, 188, 416 Amplitude Instability and Ergodic Behavior for Conservative Nonlinear Oscillator Systems 416-431 WF "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Chirikov 1960, Plasma Physics, 1, 253 Resonance Processes in Magnetic Traps 253-260 C "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Wolfire & Cassinelli 1987, ApJ, 319, 850 Conditions for the Formation of Massive Stars 850-867 WC "Trying to figure out how massive stars form is like trying to figure out how a car works by studying the aftermath of a car crash."--remark by Z.Y. Li
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE McKee & Ostriker 1974, ApJ, 218, 148 A Theory of the Interstellar Medium--Three Components Regulated by Supernova Explosions in an Inhomogeneous Substrate 148-169 MO "I cite it all the time but have never read it."--remark by graduate student
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Shu / Larson / Penston / Tsai & Hsu 1977, ApJ, 214, 488 Self-Similar Collapse of Isothermal Spheres and Star Formation 488-497 S "It's just a-cubed over G."--final remark by P. Goldreich after an entire semester reading papers on star formation
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Larson / Shu / Penston / Tsai & Hsu 1969, MNRAS, 145, 271 Numerical Calculations of the Dynamics of Collapsing Proto-stars 271-295 L "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Penston / Larson / Shu / Tsai & Hsu 1969, MNRAS, 144, 425 Dynamics of Self-Gravitating Gaseous Spheres--III. Analytical Results in the Free-Fall of Isothermal Cases 425-448 P "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Tsai & Hsu / Penston / Larson / Shu 1995, ApJ, 448, 774 Protostellar Collapse with a Shock 774-787 TH "
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Eggen, Lynden-Bell, & Sandage 1962, ApJ, 136, 748 Evidence from the Motions of Old Stars that the Galaxy Collapsed 748-766 EL-BS "In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women, small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri, and analytic papers in galaxy formation were real analytic papers in galaxy formation." --- a bootlegged version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
PROPOSED FOR THE FUTURE Blandford & Znajek 1977, MNRAS, 179, 433 Electromagnetic Extraction of Energy from Kerr Black Holes 433-456 BZ "It is intuitively obvious." --- remark by A. Gruzinov