Open problems in Pulsar Magnetospheres and Magnetars

Rodrigo Fernandez & Alexander Tchekhovskoy (UC Berkeley) - March 31, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Pulsar magnetospheres generate beamed radio to gamma-ray emission detectable at regular intervals due to the stellar rotation. In many cases, the reliability of the associated timing of pulses has allowed groundbreaking measurements such as the first detection of extrasolar planets or the first indirect detection of gravitational waves. The fundamental mechanism(s) governing the dynamics of the magnetosphere and radio emission remain poorly understood, however. In addition, a particular class of pulsars, magnetars, is thought to support some of the largest magnetic fields in the Universe. This talk will provide an outline of the current understanding and open problems on both pulsar magnetospheres and magnetars.

The seminar will be held in B-1 Hearst Field Annex.

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