Feedback and Turbulence in Galaxy Formation

Evan Scannapieco (Arizona State University) - January 27, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Feedback and turbulence play a key role in galaxy formation, impacting issues ranging from the evolution of the galaxy luminosity function, to the establishment of the galaxy mass-metallicity relation, to the transition of Population III to modern-day star formation. I will review ongoing efforts by my group to better understand these processes, focusing on three topics: (i) the use of subgrid-scale turbulence modeling to simulate supernova-driven outflows from starbursting galaxies and predict their observational properties; (ii) the use of direct numerical modeling to study the turbulent mixing of metals into supersonic, magnetized, and metal-free media; (iii) the use of cosmic microwave background observations to constrain feedback from active galactic nuclei.

The seminar will be held in B-1 Hearst Field Annex.

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