Properties of the remnant young stellar disk in the Galactic center

Sylvana Yelda (UCLA) - March 3, 2014 at 12:10 pm

The young stellar disk in the central parsec of the Galaxy can provide clues to how stars can form in the hostile environment surrounding a supermassive black hole. I will present new kinematic measurements, obtained with the Keck telescopes, as well as orbital modeling of 116 young stars in the GC in order to derive the ensemble properties of the disk. I will discuss our latest findings, including the low fraction (20%) of stars in the disk, their low eccentricities, and the similar kinematic properties of the B and O/WR stars. Taken together with our revised understanding of, for example, the age and mass function of the population and the lack of a stellar cusp of old stars, these findings greatly simplify the demand on star formation and dynamical theories.

The seminar will be held in B-1 Hearst Field Annex.

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