Gaspard Duchêne

  Assistant Research Astronomer and Lecturer

   Astronomy Department
   C-203 Hearst Field Annex    UC Berkeley
   Berkeley CA 94720-3411 USA
   gduchene (at)          Fax: (510) 642 3411



   Publications / CV (pdf)

   AST/EPS C12 (The Planets)

   UC Adaptive Optics Seminar
My publications:
  1. Full publication list (PDF)
  2. ARAA review on Stellar Multiplicity (Duchêne & Kraus 2013 ARAA 51 269)
  3. ADS listing (obviously, I have a namesake working in nuclear physics!)
  4. arXiv listing
Some recent talks I gave:
  1. Public lecture on Planet formation and stellar multiplicity: (How) Can they coexist? given at the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers Speaker Series, April 17, 2013 (PDF)
  2. Seminar on Planet formation and stellar multiplicity - Insights from recent surveys at the SETI Institute, May 30 2012 (PPT and video)
  3. Invited review on Multiplicity in the early phases of stellar evolution at the ESO conference Formation and early evolution of very low mass stars and brown dwarfs, Garching, October 11-14 2011 (PDF)
  4. Contributed talk on FIRST - a Fiber Imager foR Single Telescopes: Lick 3m first light and perspectives at the Fall 2010 Retreat of the Center for Adaptive Optics, Lake Arrowhead, October 29 2010 (PPT)
  5. Contributed talk on V773 Tau: a compact quintuple pre-main sequence system? at the 2010 Keck Science Meeting, UC Berkeley, October 15 2010 (PPT)
  6. Invited review on Circumstellar disks and young stars at IAU Symposium 270 Computational star formation, Barcelona, May 31-June 4 2010 (PPT)
  7. Invited review on High-resolution disk observations at the OPTICON workshop on Circumstellar disks and planets, Kiel, May 26-28 2010 (PPT)
Last updated: 15 May 2013