Physics 221b:

Quantum Mechanics II

Spring 2004
141 Giannini

9:10 am - 10 am MWF, exam group 4

Final exam info and Solutions and final exam histogram and
total grade histogram (note the binning makes the lines look less obviously placed for the breaks in grades!)
Please e-mail me if you want your grade(s).



General Info



Instructor: Joanne Cohn, 519 Campbell HallOffice hours M 10-11 and by appt.
GSI: Ilya Osipenkov 254 LeConte Office hours Tu 11-1
Grader: TBD

Please fill out this Questionnaire if you are taking the class.

Problem sets and solutions

(due at 5 pm, box in breezeway between Birge and LeConte)
Due Fri Feb 6 Problem Set 1 Solution Set 1
Due Fri Feb 13 Problem Set 2 Solution Set 2
Due Fri Feb 20 Problem Set 3 Solution Set 3
Due Fri Feb 27 Problem Set 4(PS version) Solution Set 4 CORRECTED!!
Due Fri Mar 5 Problem Set 5 Solution Set 5
Fri Mar 12 Midterm exam midterm solutions (note one extra problem on here that wasn't on the exam.)
histogram of grades above 55
Due Fri Mar 19 Problem Set 6 Solution Set 6
also see Chapter 3 of this thesis for more on Bose-Einstein Condensates
Due Fri Apr 2 Problem Set 7 Solution Set 7
Due Fri Apr 9->Monday April 12 Problem Set 8 Solution Set 8
Due Monday Apr 19 Problem Set 9 Solution Set 9
Due Mon Apr 26 Problem Set 10 Solution Set 10
Due Mon May 3 Problem Set 11 Solution Set 11
Due Mon May 10 Problem Set 12 Solution Set 12

Final Exam Information

You can do the final exam in any continous 24 hour period ending before 5 pm Sat. May 15. It will be available starting at 10 am Thursday May 13, online and in my office. You can use Merzbacher, Baym, Ballentine, Sakurai, Mandl and Shaw, your lecture notes and problem sets and solutions. You can also use the online notes from the class, i.e. the pages linked on the page, below the words ``in order covered in lecture''. (Links linked from the links there are not included!) Mathematica is ok, also. If you have questions during the final, ask me!

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