Physics 221b:
Graduate Quantum Mechanics II

  • (May 18)
    final exam histogram and
    total grade histogram (note the binning makes the lines look less obviously placed for the breaks in grades!)
    Please e-mail me for your grades, I'll submit them Wed around 4:30 pm so please contact me before then if you think you might want to discuss things.
  • (May 15)
    Final Solutions available.
  • (May 14)
    General answers to questions asked during the exam will be posted here and e-mailed to the class (not everyone in the class is on the university e-mailing list, however, please check the web page if that refers to you!).
  • (May 13)
    Final exam info and link to exam ready now.
  • (May 10)
    You can also use Mathematica and/or maple on the final, if you have questions about whether a source is ok, you can ask me.
  • (May 3)
    Final exam info:You can do the final exam in any continuous 24 hour period ending before 5 pm Sat. May 15. It will be available starting at 10 am Thursday May 13, online and in my office. You can use Merzbacher, Baym, Ballentine, Sakurai, Mandl and Shaw, your lecture notes and problem sets and solutions. You can also use the online notes from the class, i.e. the pages linked on the page, below the words ``in order covered in lecture''. (Links linked from the links there are not included!)
  • (Apr. 28)
    "Note" about integral of wavefunction at the end of problem 5 on problem set 11 removed (it was related to the 1/sqrt(V) which was included belatedly).
  • (Apr. 25)
    Last problem on problem set 11 should have a 1/sqrt(V) in front of the wavefunction (if you don't do it that way it will still work out but it's just a bit trickier, and the wavefunction isn't normalized as claimed, that's all). It's corrected now.
  • (Apr. 15)
    Problem 1 of problem set 8 was misstated--corrected solutions coming up.
  • (Apr. 14)
    Homeworks are now due Mondays. In order to get the most benefit from section, please look at them before going to section! Note also this means that you will have only a few days between the last homework being turned in (Monday May 10) and the final exam going out (that Thursday May 13).
  • (Apr. 14)
    For the final exam, I will assume you have access to Merzbacher (3rd edition), and will allow you also to use your notes from class, homeworks and midterm problems and solutions, and the books by Baym, Sakurai, Ballentine, Mandl and Shaw, and Merzbacher 2nd edition. Note there is a month before the exam if you want to purchase the books, and that Baym's book ordering info is on the information page and the reading page. However, I will not assume you have these books on hand. The main sources for the exam material are the class notes and homeworks.
  • (Apr. 12)
    There was a typo in the expression for dipole radiation in problem 2 of problem set 9 (it should go as omega^3 and I typed omega^2). Corrected now.
  • (Apr. 7)
    FINAL EXAM will be take home, for any 24 hour period between May 13 (time to be determined) and 5 pm May 15.
  • (Apr. 5)
    This week's homework can be turned in Monday April 12 instead of by this Friday. We will decide in class whether to have a take-home or in class final on Wed Apr 7. Please e-mail me if you can't be present and want your opinion counted!
  • (Mar. 31)
    This week's homework can be turned in Monday April 5 instead of by this Friday.
  • (Mar. 15)
    histogram of midterm grades (for people with grades above 55).
  • (Mar. 11)
    The date of the final has been set to 8-11 am, Sat. May 15. If you have a conflict with Sats., please let me know, perhaps we can change the date/time.
  • (Mar. 10)
    Another "typo" in the solutions to problem set *4* (they've been rescanned). On page 7, I switch to variables R = r_1-r_2 and r_0= (r_1+r_2)/2. On the next line I've written the integral over R and r_1 rather than R and r_0. (It is a constant being integrated over r_0, so the result is the same.)
  • (Mar. 8)
    I have just learned of an error in the solutions to problem set *4*, page 5. n_p(n_p-1) should be n_p(n_p +1). Corrected solns are now posted.
  • (Mar. 5)
    For problem 4, there are $N$ electrons in the well (it said atoms originally).
  • (Mar. 5)
    Midterm info:
    In class, for the 50 min of class. It covers material up to the lecture of Friday Feb. 28, i.e. up to problem set 5 due today, March 5. I will give relevant formulae relating momentum and real space operators (normalizations etc.) and the spin operators in terms of creation and annihilation operators. You should know how to second quantize operators, use symmetries of wavefunctions, etc. The problem sets and the syllabus are the best sources for studying, although of course the calculations will be less involved than the lengthier homework problems because of the time constraint.
  • (Mar. 3)
    Notes on the Independent Pair Approximation are now online.
  • (Feb. 27)
    Problem one of problem set 5 had a typo (extra sum over l), this has been corrected.
  • (Feb. 26)
    It has just been pointed out that in question 1 on problem set 4, the limit r1 = infinity is hard to think of when one is in a box. Consider it very large instead. Secondly, in the last part of the question it asks to compare to the r->infinty limit above, but above it is the r1 -> infinity limit, and it is the latter that should in the last part of the question as well, i.e. the subscript is missing. A corrected problem set is posted.
  • (Feb. 26)
    Books on reserve are now in library use only. This should help more people get a chance to look at them.
  • (Feb. 25)
    corrected (2 "typos") Spin wave notes
    We'll decide on Friday whether you want a lecture on Merzbacher 22.5 or whether you are happy just reading it. So it might be useful to look at the section beforehand.
  • (Feb. 24)
    Spin wave notes --for the last two lectures are now online.
  • (Feb. 10)
    Some examples of Young tableau dimensions can be found here.
  • (Feb. 7)
    In homeworks, problem 21.8 means problem 21.8 not exercise 21.8.
  • (Feb. 5)
    More detail (than you might ever want to know!) on states corresponding to mixed symmetry Young Tableaux.
  • (Jan 30)
    Problem set 1 has been posted.
    The normalization factor for the fermionic wavefunction (in terms of one particles wavefunctions) is shown in a note here.
  • (Jan 23)
    There will be class this Monday, Jan 26. (Ilya will be lecturing.)
    J. Cohn will not have office hours this week, please e-mail if you want to meet.
  • (Jan 21)
    Please fill out this Questionnaire if you are taking the class.
  • (Jan 18)
    Sections start the week of Jan. 26th (second week of term).

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