Physics 221B:
Graduate Quantum Mechanics II
Final Exam Information

Final exam info:You can do the final exam in any continuous 24 hour period ending before 5 pm Sat. May 15. It will be available starting at 10 am Thursday May 13, online and in my office. You can use Merzbacher, Baym, Ballentine, Sakurai, Mandl and Shaw, your lecture notes and problem sets and solutions. You can also use the online notes from the class, i.e. the pages linked on the page, below the words ``in order covered in lecture''. (Links linked from the links there are not included!)

You can also use Mathematica and/or maple on the final, if you have questions about whether a source is ok, you can ask me.
Completed exams should be placed in the homework box for the class in LeConte.

When you're ready to start your 24 hour exam (online NOW),
click here.

Good luck!

Solutions available!

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