Physics 221b: Graduate Quantum Mechanics II
Spring 2004  
Instructor: J. Cohn

Student Questionnaire

Completion of this questionnaire will help me get some idea of what your preparation is like. NOTE: Some people have had trouble submitting this form from their computer. If you have, and you can instead print the form and bring it to class, that is fine too.
The question about times has been slightly modified, if you answered already you don't need to fill this out again though!


Name (Last, First, etc.):
Year(Grad 1, senior, etc.):      
Can you easily read online PDF files?     yes         no
Can you start class 1/2 hour earlier
or end 1/2 hour later?
earlier mon/wed         earlier wed/fri         earlier fri/mon
later mon/wed           later wed/fri           later fri/mon

Previous QM courses (grade received)
where taken
books used?

Did you take 221a? fall 2003         other year         other place         no
Have you taken complex analysis?    
yes         no
Linear Algebra?
yes         no
Differential equations?
yes         no

What other physics and math courses
are you taking this term?
Department and Research interests
(major if undergrad):
Why are you taking this class?
If there is other information that you think the
instructor or GSI should have
please note it here: