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The Cosmological Constant
Kinematics I,II References

Used in Section (Kinematics I) Used in Section (Kinematics II)

The standard cosmological model by J. Peebles (somewhat technical)

Hubble Constant

Spatial Curvature Dynamics
  • Solve the Friedmann equation site by J. Hawley
  • Geometry of the Universe Lecture notes by depoy
  • The Isotropic Universe by J. Peacock
  • discussion in online technical article by Carroll, Press and Turner
  • Discussion of a(t) for various Friedmann cosmologies: Felten & Isaacman, 1986, Rev. Mod. Phys. 58, 689 (technical but basically just solves for different parameter combinations)
  • Article on cosmologies where the universe doesn't ever get small enough in the past ("no big bang"), technical, by Borner and Ehlers
  • Lecture on dynamics and fate of the universe by E. Linder

Cosmological constant


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