Physics H7a:
Honors Mechanics

  • Flying Karamazov Brothers show, perhaps April 14, 7 pm.
  • Feb. 4, 2002: The midterms have been moved to Feb. 27 and April 17, both Wednesdays.
  • Feb. 1, 2002: There is a suggestion to move the midterms to Feb. 27 and April 17, i.e. from the Monday to the Wednesday of the same week. This will give people more time to study after completing the relevant problem sets the previous Friday. Please contact if you have a strong preference against (or for!) this.
  • Jan. 25, 2002: Some people have suggested that Stewart's book might be a good review for vector calculus, and other people have mentioned that the Feynman series has some useful background.
  • Jan. 23, 2002: Homework due dates have been changed to Friday, so that both sections will be able to review the same material before the problem sets are due.

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