Physics H7a:
Honors Mechanics
Informal Problem Set

This problem set is not going to count for your grade -- it will help me calibrate your background. If you don't know what to do, then write down what you think you could try. If the problem seems easy, it probably is, and if it seems hard, it also might be-- that is ok, give it a try anyhow.

  1. An object starts at rest and then falls in free fall, covering 4/5 the distance in the last second of fall. How long was it falling for?
  2. Write down the first 4 terms for the Taylor expansion for ei k x around x =0. Do the same for cos(kx) and sin(kx), but writing down only the first 2 terms for each. To this order, how are the 3 series related?
  3. Consider a block of mass m on an inclined plane making an angle of theta with the horizontal. The block is not moving due to friction. What are the directions and magnitudes of forces on the block?
  4. You're in the middle of a frictionless field of ice and would like to get off. You have a round ball in your hand. How can you get off the ice?

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