Physics H7a:
Honors Mechanics

Note: typos in KK that have been noted are here in [PS|PDF], courtesy of M. Strovink and Y. Kolomensky

Lab handouts: To get some idea of the labs, you can look at old (not necessarily up to date!) handouts, at These cannot substitute for the up to date handouts that will be distributed in the lab itself (i.e. you should purchase a syllabus card).

Week No. Week beginning Reading and Labs Topic Problem set Due 5 pm on solutions Section examples
1Jan. 23KK1Intro, vectors, kinematics "informal" and
Problem Set 1 [PS|PDF|GIF]
Feb.1 informal solns [PS|PDF] and PS1 solns [PS|PDF]  
2Jan. 28KK1,2
Lab: Kinematics 1 & 2
Polar Coordinates, Units, Newton's Laws
Problem Set 2 [PS|PDF|GIF]
Feb. 8 PS2 solns [PS|PDF] Note 1.1, Ex. 1.16, Prob. 1.8
3Feb. 4KK2Newton's Laws, Forces
Problem Set 3 [PS|PDF|GIF1,GIF2]
Feb. 15   PS3 solns [PS|PDF] and misscanned prob. 6 [PS|PDF] Ex. 2.7, 2.9
4Feb. 11KK3
Lab: Dynamics
Momentum, Center of Mass
Problem Set 4 [PS|PDF]
Feb. 22
Problem Set 4 Solns [PS|PDF]
correction to solutions
Prob. 2.34
5Feb. 18 (18 holiday)KK4Work, Energy mt1 review in PS|PDF from earlier H7a class
h7a mt1 review Solutions from Noah [PS| PDF]
   center of mass example
6Feb. 25Exam +KK4,5Work, Energy, cont.Exam
Feb. 27
Problem Set 5 [PS|PDF]
Mar. 8 MT 1 Solns [PS|PDF]

PS 5 Solns [PS|PDF]
7Mar. 4KK6Angular Momentum
Fixed Axis Rotation
Problem Set 6 [PS|PDF] Mar. 15 PS 6 Solns [PS|PDF] Example 6.4, 6.18
8Mar. 11KK7
Lab: Collisions
Angular momentum
Rigid Body Motion
Problem Set 7 [PS|PDF] Mar. 22 PS 7 Solns [PS|PDF]Ex. 6.13,yo-yo,7.11 time permitting
9Mar. 18KK8
Lab: Rotations
Noninertial systems and fictitious forcesProblem Set 8 [PS|PDF] Apr. 5 PS8 solns [PS|PDF]Eotvos?
10Apr. 1KK9Central Force Motion Problem Set 9 [PS|PDF] Apr. 12 PS 9 solns [PS|PDF] 
11Apr. 8 F1,KK10, note 10.1, 10.2
+ F 43-45,77-89,
62-70, 92-96 (same material)
Harmonic Oscillator, Damped, Forced Practice Midterm [PS|PDF]   Practice Midterm Solutions [PS|PDF] Exam review, K&K 1-9
Basic things you should know are here [PS|PDF]
info you'll be given in exam is here [PS|PDF]
12Apr. 15Exam + F 19-27, F5 Superposition, Fourier Series, Coupled Oscillators, Normal Modes Exam Apr. 17
Problem Set 10 [PS|PDF]
Apr. 26 MT 2 Solns [PS|PDF]
PS 10 Solns [PS|PDF]
Harmonic Oscillator chain example [PS|PDF]
13Apr. 22 F5,6 Many Oscillators, Wave Equation, Transverse Waves Problem Set 11 [PS|PDF] May 3 PS 11 solutions [PS|PDF] notes on chain of springs
some Fourier Transforms (PDF)
14April 29F7, pp. 45-62, 253-264
Lab: Oscillations
Waves, travelling, phase and group velocity   Problem Set 12 [PS|PDF] May 10 PS 12 Solns [PS|PDF Notes on solving the wave equation with boundary and initial conditions [PS|PDF]
15May 6F 274-279, Feynman vol. 2, 2.1,2,3,4,5, 40.1,2,3 (on reserve in physics library)
Lab: Waves
Doppler Effect, Fluids  
no homework last week (i.e. on material of week 15)
16May 13 (last lecture, review)       Practice final exam (plus one practice problem) [PS| PDF]   Practice final solns [PS| PDF]
-May 20
12:30-3:30 pm
343 Le Conte
  Final Exam    Final Solns [PS|PDF]Basic things you should know are here [PS|PDF]
info you'll be given in exam is here [PS|PDF]
KK=Kleppner and Kolenkow, F = French, Feynman = Feynman Lectures in Physics Vol. 2.

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