University of California, Berkeley

Physics H7A: Physics for Scientists and Engineers
(Honors Series)
Spring 2002  
Instructor: J. Cohn

Student Questionnaire

Completion of this questionnaire and the "informal" problem set is a prerequisite for enrollment in Physics h7a. The problems will not be graded, but will help me see what your preparation is like. Interest in Honors Physics is already a good indication that you are well qualified for this course. It is unlikely that the issue of your eligibility will come into question. If it does, I'll contact you promptly. NOTE: Some people have had trouble submitting this form from their computer. If you have, and you can instead print the form and bring it to class, that is fine too.


Last name:
Can you easily obtain and read files from the web in :

Year of last physics course:     Grade received:
Where taken?   Grade on AP Physics
Exam and which Exam (e.g. C) (if applicable):
Book used:

Year of last math course:        Grade received:
Where taken?   Grade on AP Calculus
Exam (if applicable):
Book used:    

List majors that you are considering at Berkeley:
Why are you (might you be) interested in Honors
in place of standard lower-division physics at Berkeley?
If there is other information that you think the
instructor or GSI should have please note it here:

How would you rank the "informal" problem set?

Moderate Hard       Very hard Don't know where to start
Problem 1 
Problem 2 
Problem 3 
Problem 4