Physics 7C:
Electromagnetic waves, physical optics, relativity and quantum physics

In reverse chronological order:

  • 5/14 (SKM):
    A syllabus outline for Orenstein's final has been posted on the outline page.
  • 5/13 (SKM):
    PS11 solutions have been posted. We apologize for the delay.
  • 5/12 (JDC):
    Info on final for Cohn section is here, mostly repeating what was said in class.
  • 5/9 (SKM):
    For the most up-to-date lab grades, ask your lab GSI. The master is not necessarily in sync.
  • 5/7 (SKM):
    A number of you have had homeworks missing, both the actual papers and the scores on our master record. I have contacted the people who are missing three or more homeworks out of the first seven we have recorded so far. If you are missing your homework papers but have not been contacted about scores not being recorded, please contact me; also, if you just want to know what your scores look like, let me know, but please be sure to include your SID in your emailed request.
  • 4/28 (SKM):
    Info about the finals reviews sessions are posted on the general information page.
  • 4/23 (SKM):
    If you need to make up a lab prior to the Photoelectric Effect lab that you cannot afford to drop, please email me no later than 4/30/03 (Wednesday of next week). We might be able to make special arrangements. NOTE: If you are only missing one lab, that one will get dropped.
  • 4/23 (SKM):
    • The solutions to PS 9 have been posted.
    • The only makeup labs are for the Photoelectric Effect and Atomic Spectra, this week. Please email your lab GSI if you need to make up a lab. Remember, your lowest score gets dropped.
  • 4/21 (JDC):
    Problem 5 (Giancoli 4) on problem set 10 has a hint added now.
  • 4/18 (JDC):
    Problem 7 on problem set 9 requires numeric solution(!). Please write down the condition you would solve numerically (an algebraic equation and, if you want, the test values listed in the homework).
  • 4/16 (JDC):
    Sign of condition on transmission reversed in problem 3 on problem set, corrected now. (T > 10-10)
  • 4/14 (JDC):
    Problem set 9 had typo in infinite square well wave functions, corrected now, also hint for problems 2,3 added.
  • 4/14 (SKM):
    Cohn midterm stats and Orenstein midterm solutions and stats have been posted on the outline page.
  • 4/9 (JDC):
    In Cohn midterm solutions, eqn. 24, factor of c was in wrong place, corrected now.
  • 4/7 (JDC):
    Cohn midterm solutions posted on outline page.
  • 4/6 (JDC):
    Practice spacetime diagram problems solutions online here.
  • 4/4 (JDC):
    Students in the Friday 2-5 lab section (Sourav's) should contact him if they don't hear from him first.
  • 4/4 (JDC):
    You can bring *two* 8 1/2 x 11 sheets to the second midterm for Cohn's section (the idea being that you will bring the sheet from the first one and a new one...).
  • 4/4 (JDC):
    Some special relativity problems using spacetime diagrams are now on the outline page. (for Cohn's section)
  • 4/3 (SKM):
    Practice midterms have been posted on the outline page.
  • 4/3 (JDC):
    Some quantum mechanics notes for Cohn's section have been posted on the outline page and from here.
  • 3/28 (JDC):
    J. Cohn's office hours on April 7 will be from 3-4 rather than later in the day.
  • 3/20 (SKM):
    The solutions to PS #6, problem 4(b) have been corrected.
  • 3/13 (SKM):
    The corrected solutions to PS 5 have been posted -- the factor of gamma was inverted on the last problem.
  • 3/12 (JDC):
    A hint has been added to part f of problem 8 on problem set 6.
  • 3/10 (SKM):
    The midterm stats and PS 5 solutions have been posted on the outline page.
  • 3/9 (JDC):
    In problem set 6, previously missing factors of c2 now included in energy definitions on problem 8 in problem set 6.
  • 3/6 (JDC):
    Errant 2 in last equation of special relativity notes removed (notes here).
  • 3/5 (JDC):
    Special relativity notes for J. Cohn's section are here.
    Relativity notes with discussion of causality in spacetime as we did in class (pages 5-7).
    Also, note that both in these notes and in Spacetime diagrams notes that the quantity (Delta s)2 is now called distance squared, as it is a length squared, not a length.
  • 3/3 (JDC):
    Pictures of pole and barn "paradox" and how it works are here.
  • 2/28 (JDC):
    Some notes on spacetime geometry for Cohn's section are now online here.
    Also, exam solutions for Cohn's section now have the solution to problem 6 in two forms, for easier comparison with what people might have done.
  • 2/24 (SM):
    The solutions to PS4 have been corrected, and are available on the outline page. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • 2/23 (JDC):
    Some notes on this weeks calculations for Cohn's section on diffraction and interference are here in [PS|PDF].
  • 2/22 (JDC):
    Orenstein's section will also have a 1 page sheet of notes allowed (8 1/2 x 11 !) in the exam.
  • 2/23 (SM):
    • The solutions to problem sets #3 and #4 are posted on the outline page. I apologize for the delay in producing the PS3 solutions -- the scanner is not working and I had to transcribe it to LaTeX.
    • Chris will cover one of the practice exams, and Brad the other at their respective review session. You might want to attend both.
  • 2/21 (JDC):
    • Students can go to either (both) review sessions, they won't be dependent upon which section you are attending for the main lecture.
    • Cohn's section will have a 1 page sheet of notes allowed (8 1/2 x 11 !) in the exam.
  • 2/17 (JDC):
    • For Cohn's section, a sheet of formulae will be given to you in the exam, it is posted here in [PS|PDF].
    • Cohn's exam has 7 problems and material may be from lecture, problem sets and labs. You will not be able to use (or need) a calculator.
  • 2/16 (JDC):
    Two practice midterms have been posted on the outline web page.
  • 2/10, 9:00PM (SM):
    • Solutions to PS2 have been posted on the outline page.
    • Contact info for the new GSIs has been posted on the contact page.
  • 2/6 (JDC):
    A representative from Physics scholars will be in Cohn's class tomorrow to explain the one-on-one tutoring and study groups that they have available for physics 7c (contact
  • 2/5, 4:00AM (SM):
    The solutions for Problem Set 1 have been posted on the outline page.
  • 2/4, 3:30PM (SM):
    Policy regarding crashing labs and grading of lab reports has been posted on the General Information page.
  • 1/29 (JDC):
    For 7C it turns out that you also obtain the lab manuals at copy central. Please try to get one before your lab so that you can look at the pre-lab questions.
  • 1/28 (JDC):
    EM wave summary plus lots of examples for 1/27 lecture in Cohn's section are online in PS and PDF formats.
  • 1/28, 2:10PM (SM):
    Due to staffing shortages, lab section 110 (Thu 8-11AM) has been CLOSED. The enrollment limits for the other labs have increased by a few slots, so hopefully if you have been affected by this closure you can find a suitable opening. Right now, there are a number of slots open in lab section 104 (Tu 8-11AM).
  • 1/24 (JDC):
    Notes for today's lecture in Cohn's section (which covered material not in the text) are online in PS and PDF formats.
  • 1/23, 12:45PM (SM): It has come to my attention that Telebears is showing some sections as full when in fact the Online Schedule of Classes is showing slots open. This is a bug with Telebears. If this happens to you, make printouts of the pages showing the errant info, and take them to Claudia Trujillo in 368 LeConte. She will fax the printouts to the registrar's computer people as proof of the bug. Also, she can help you switch sections, if that's what you're trying to do when you encounter this error.
  • 1/22, 4:45PM (SM):
    • Syllabus cards for 7C will be available starting Monday 1/27. They cost $2.75. Please note that syllabus cards are required in order to receive a grade for this class. We will ask you to bring them to the first midterm for verification.
    • It has come to my attention that Telebears is acting up. Specifically, you should be able to switch lab or discussion sections without having to drop the class. Make sure that both the lab and discussion section you are trying to switch into are open! If Telebears won't let you do this, do not drop the class! Someone might take your spot between you dropping and adding the class back in. If you are having difficulty with Telebears, please see Claudia Trujillo in 368 Leconte (again, please take photo ID for authentication). She can assist you with switching into open sections.
    • FYI, there are no waiting lists for the labs because of space limitations.
    • If you are attempting concurrent enrollment in 7C, be advised that you have the lowest priority. I suggest that you sign up for Prof. Orenstein's lecture, the "2XX" discussion section with the most open slots, and the lab with the most open slots -- all to avoid getting bumped.
  • 1/22, 1:30PM (SM):
    For those of you still trying to find slots at this late hour, keep in mind that the Online Schedule of Classes and Telebears together compose the authority on what's available. If you have extenuating circumstances, please see Claudia Trujillo for assistance. Students who were caught in closed sections have highest priority.
  • 1/22, 11:35AM (SM):
    If you have been affected by a closed lab or discussion section, and are having trouble switching to an open section, there is help. Claudia Trujillo, the undergrad student affairs officer for the physics department, would be happy to assist you. She is in 368 Leconte (please take photo ID for authentication).
  • 1/21, 11:35PM (SM):
    FYI, it doesn't matter which lab you sign up for -- notice how all the lab sections are numbered "1XX". Again, please make every effort to register for a discussion section corresponding to your lecture. In addition to making the instruction more efficacious, it makes administration (e.g., returning midterms!) much easier.
  • 1/21, 7:20PM (SM)
    • Some of you showed up to lab, worrying that attendance would be taken for enrollment purposes. As it says below, attendance for the purpose of enrollment will take place at the first discussion section after the first lecture. Please go to the 7C lab only when an experiment is scheduled; the first one is in two weeks (see the outline for details).
    • If you need to change discussion sections, and are worried about holding your place, we will be taking attendance for enrollment purposes through Tuesday of next week (Jan. 28). If the first meeting after the first lecture has already passed for the section you switch into, please email Sourav (head GSI) ASAP so you don't get dropped.
    • Please sign up for a discussion section corresponding to your lecture -- this allows the GSIs to focus their efforts, increasing effectiveness in full sections. If you absolutely cannot, please email Sourav (head GSI).
    • If your discussion or lab section is closed you need to find another one.
      A few of you have been caught in discussion and lab sections which have been closed due to low enrollment (listed below). Please find an alternative on Telebears ASAP.
    • The following discussion sections are CLOSED as of this writing: 108 (F 9-10), 201 (M 11-12), 203 (Tu 11-12), 204 (Tu 2-3).
    • The following lab sections are CLOSED as of this writing: 113 (F 8-11), 114 (F 11-2).
    • Tables of which GSIs are teaching which sections are on the general information page. Sections which do not have a GSI assigned in time will be covered by me.
  • 1/21 (JDC) :
    To hold your place in the class you need to attend your first discussion section meeting after the first lecture of your section of the class.
  • 1/21 (JDC):
    If you are interested in science in space, consider taking the course offered this term! Physics 7a and 7b required.

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