Physics 7C:
Electromagnetic waves, physical optics, relativity and quantum physics
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Last updated Monday May 12

Exam Group 7-Monday May 19, 12:30-3:30 pm, 2040 & 2060 VLSB

Finals Review Sessions:

Both are in 4 Leconte, 6-8PM. Use the southwest entrance (next to the bike racks, underneath the bridge to Birge) for access.
May 5/17 (Sat) -- Giancoli Ch. 32-37, w/ Brad
May 5/18 (Sun) -- Giancoli Ch. 38 onward, w/ Ilya

About the exam:

  • There are 10 questions, 3 1/2 are on material covered in the previous 2 exams.
  • You can bring three sheets with notes on them (ie notes from first and second exam).
  • Please bring your own paper, a stapler will be provided.
  • No calculators will be needed or allowed.

Some questions about material that came up after the last lecture:
  • There was a question about which particles you need to know details such as their charges. You should know the electromagnetic/lepton/nucleon etc charge of the 6 quarks, 6 leptons and the photon, W's and Z.
  • On the board I wrote that for the wavefunctions for the square well, psim and psin, that the integral of psim psin over all space was equal to zero, which is true if the integers m and n are not the same. It was noted that I didn't write the caveat on the board. If they are the same integer, then if the wavefunctions are normalized then the integral equals one.

    Note that there are old exams online here.

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