Physics 7C:
Electromagnetic waves, physical optics, relativity and quantum physics


Problem sets and solutions will be linked as they become available.

Lab handouts: To get some idea of the labs, you can look at old (not necessarily up to date!) handouts, at These cannot substitute for the up to date manuals that must be purchased from Copy Central.

Week No. Week beginning Reading and Labs Topic Problem set Due 5 pm on solutions
1Jan. 20 (20 no class) G 32Electromagnetic Waves

Jan. 31 Cohn's section notes:

PS 1 solns [PS|PDF]
2Jan. 27G 33 Reflection and Refraction
Feb. 7 Cohn's 1/27 notes

PS 2 solns [PS|PDF]
3Feb. 3G 34
Lab: Reflection and Refraction
Mirrors and Lenses
Feb. 14 PS 3 solns [PS|PDF]
4Feb. 10G 35
Lab: Geometric Optics
Feb. 21
PS 4 solns [PS|PDF]
5Feb. 17 (17 holiday) G 36
Lab: Michelson Interferometer
Diffraction and Polarization Two practice midterms: here and here in pdf.   for Cohn's section: handout you will have in exam is here [PS|PDF]
Cohn's section, notes on diffraction [PS|PDF]
6Feb. 24 G 37 Relativity Midterm 1
6-8 pm
Feb. 24 (Cohn), Feb. 25 (Orenstein)
Mar. 7 Cohn's exam:
Solutions [PS|PDF]
Statistics [PDF]

Orenstein's exam:
Solutions [PDF]
Statistics [PDF]

Notes on spacetime diagrams for J. Cohn's section

PS 5 solns [PS|PDF]
7Mar. 3G 37
Lab: Diffraction and Interference
Relativity II PS 6 [PS|PDF] Mar. 14 Pole and barn spacetime diagrams
Notes on special relativity for J. Cohn's section
PS 6 solns [PS|PDF]
8Mar. 10 G38
Lab: Polarization
Quantum Physics PS 7 [PS|PDF] Mar. 21 PS 7 solns [PDF]
9Mar. 17 G39 Matter Waves/Schrodinger Equation IPS 8 [PS|PDF] Apr. 4 PS 8 solns [PDF]
-Mar. 24--Spring Break     
10Mar. 31 G39
Lab: Photoelectric Effect
Schrodinger Eqn. II practice midterms

spacetime diagram problems and solns (Cohn's section)
  Quantum mechanics notes, Cohn's section (PDF|PS)
11Apr. 7 G 40
Hydrogen Atom Midterm 2
6-8 pm
April 7(Cohn-155 Dwinelle), April 8(Orenstein-1 Pimentel)
Apr. 18 Cohn's midterm:
( Histogram)

Cohn's section: Note on spin

Orenstein's exam:

PS 9 solns [PS|PDF]
12Apr. 14G 41
Lab: Atomic Spectra
Molecules PS 10 [PS|PDF] Apr. 25
PS 10 solns [PS|PDF]
13Apr. 21 G41 Solids PS 11
May 2 PS 11 solns
14April 28 G42-43-44 Nuclear, Particle Physics   PS 12 [PS|PDF] May 9 PS 12 solns [PS|PDF]
15May 5G 44/ 45 Particle Physics and Cosmology  
16May 12 (last lecture, review)        finals from earlier years   Cohn final info

Orenstein final outline
-May TBD

  Final Examtentative schedule:
Cohn's section:
Mon, May 19,
12:30-3:30 pm, 2040 & 2060 VLSB
Orenstein's section:
Sat, May 24,
8-11 am, 1 LeConte
 Final solns

G=Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Vol. 2.

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