Teaching and Service

Physics 98 (UCB): Final Project PI, Fall 2011.

Supervised final research projects on black holes and astrophysics for three students as part of the Berkeley Physics 98 course.

Astronomy 192 (UW): Pre-major in Astronomy Program Seminar Instructor, Fall 2010.

Organized and led the Pre-Major in Astronomy Research Seminar, a 12-week course designed to get first year students involved in scientific research. The seminar is part of a larger program to increase the number of under-represented students majoring in STEM fields.

Physics 323 (UW): Electromagnetism III -- Electrodynamics, Spring 2008.

Prepared and taught two discussion sections for a total of 25 upper level physics majors. Gave a substitute lecture.

Intro physics labs and tutorials (UW); Fall 2006--Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Spring 2008.

Graduate Search Committee Representative (UW), 2006-2007.

Served as liaison between graduate students and a search committee that hired two physics faculty members. Organized student meetings with candidates, and delivered a report to the committee based on student input.

Student Search Committee Chair, Occidental College, 2005.

Led a student search committee contributing to a search that hired two physics faculty members. Interviewed candidates and wrote a report based on committee discussions and student input. Presented committee findings to the faculty search committee.

Academic Mastery Program Instructor, Occidental College, 2004-2005.

Organized and led challenging physics workshops for 25 highly motivated students interested in excelling in the sciences.

Center for Academic Excellence Peer Adviser, Occidental College, 2003-2005.