Lauren Michelle Weiss

Planet Hunter


Berkeley Astronomy Dept. B-20 Hearst Field Annex. Berkeley, CA 94720.

NSF Graduate Student Research Fellow


I am a third year graduate student at UC Berkeley working with Geoff Marcy. I find and characterize exoplanets, or planets around other stars. In particular, I measure the masses of exoplanets with the radial velocity (or Doppler shift) method. For small planets, planet mass is a critical factor in determining the planet density and composition.

I also study multi-planet systems. What are some of the different architectures of exoplanetary systems, and what clues do the current configurations of planetary systems give us about how such systems form and evolve? I am looking for undiscovered planets in multi-planet systems, while also characterizing the masses and orbital elements of known planets precisely, in order to develop a rich understanding of planetary system architectures.


You can see my CV here.