Mariska Kriek

University of California, Berkeley


All publications / 1st and 2nd author publications

  1. 1.The MOSDEF Survey: Mass, Metallicity, and Star-Formation Rate at z~2.3
    Sanders, R. L., Shapley, A. E., Kriek, M., Reddy, N. A., Freeman, W. R., Coil, A. L., Siana, B., Mobasher, B., Shivaei, I., Price, S. H., & de Groot, L., ApJ, submitted

  2. 2.How dead are dead galaxies? Mid-Infrared fluxes of quiescent galaxies at redshift 0.3 < z < 2.5: implications for star formation rates and dust heating
    Fumagalli, M., Labbé, I., Patel, S. G., Franx, M., van Dokkum, P., Brammer, G., da Cunha, E. Forster Schreiber, N. M.; Kriek, M., Quadri, R., Rix, H.-W., Wake, D., Whitaker, K. E., Lundgren, B., Marchesini, D., Maseda, M., Momcheva, I., Nelson, E., Pacifici, C., & Skelton, R. E., ApJ, submitted

  3. 3.Evidence for Wide-Spread AGN Driven Outflows in the Most Massive z~1-2 Star Forming Galaxies
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  4. 4.3D-HST WFC3-selected Photometric Catalogs in the Five CANDELS/3D-HST Fields: Photometry, Photometric Redshifts and Stellar Masses
    Skelton, R. E., Whitaker, K. E., Momcheva, I. G., Brammer, G. B., van Dokkum, P. G., Labbe, I., Franx, M., van der Wel, A., Bezanson, R., Da Cunha, E., Fumagalli, M., Förster Schreiber, N., Kriek, M., Leja, J., Lundgren, B. F., Magee, D., Marchesini, D., Maseda, M. V., Nelson, E. J., Oesch, P., Pacifici, C., Patel, S. G., Price, S., Rix, H.-W., Tal, T., Wake, D. A., & Wuyts, S., 2014, ApJS, in press

  5. 5.Dense Cores in Galaxies out to z=2.5 in SDSS, UltraVista, and the Five 3D-HST/CANDELS Fields: Number Density, Evolution, and the Apparent Need of Efficient Cooling at High-Redshift
    van Dokkum, P. G., Bezanson, R., van der Wel, A., Nelson, E. J., Momcheva, I. Skelton, R. E., Whitaker, K. E., Brammer, G., Conroy, C., Förster Schreiber, N. M., Fumagalli, M., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Leja, J., Marchesini, D., Muzzin, A., Oesch, P., & Wuyts, S. 2014, ApJ, 791, 45

  6. 6.Direct measurement of dust attenuation in z~1.5 star-forming galaxies from 3D-HST: Implications for dust geometry and star formation rates
    Price, S. H., Kriek, M., Brammer, G. B., Conroy, C., Forster Schreiber, N. M., Franx, M., Fumagalli, M., Lundgren, B., Momcheva, I., Nelson, E. J., Rix, H.-W., Skelton, R. E., van Dokkum, P. G., Whitaker, K. E., & Wuyts, S. 2014, ApJ, 788, 86

  7. 7.Simultaneous Modeling of the Stellar and Dust Emission in Distant Galaxies: Implications for Star Formation Rate Measurements
    Utomo, D., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Conroy, C., & Fumagalli, M. 2014, ApJ, 783, L30

  8. 8.X-ray Properties of K-selected Galaxies at 0.5<z<2.0: Investigating Trends with Stellar Mass, Redshift, and Spectral Type
    Jones, T., Kriek, M., van Dokkum, P. G., Brammer, G., Franx, M., Greene, J., Labbé, I., & Whitaker, K. 2014, ApJ, 783, 25

  9. 9.Tight Correlations Between Massive Galaxy Structural Properties and Dynamics: The Mass Fundamental Plane Was in Place by z~2
    Bezanson, R., van Dokkum, P. G., van de Sande, J., Franx, M., Leja, J., & Kriek, M. 2013, ApJ, 779, L21

  10. 10.Exploring the Chemical Link between Local Ellipticals and their High-redshift Progenitors
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  11. 11.The Dust Attenuation Law in Distant Galaxies: Evidence for Variation with Spectral Type
    Kriek, M., & Conroy, C. 2013, ApJ, 775, L16

  12. 12.The Assembly of Milky Way-like Galaxies Since z~2
    van Dokkum, P. G., Leja, J., Nelson, E. J., Patel, S., Skelton, R., Momcheva, I., Brammer, G., Whitaker, K. E., Lundgren, B., Fumagalli, M., Conroy, C., Förster Schreiber, N., Franx, M., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Marchesini, D., Rix, H.-W., van der Wel, A., & Wuyts, S., 2013, ApJ, 771, L35

  13. 13.Stellar kinematics of z~2 galaxies and the inside-out growth of quiescent galaxies
    van de Sande, J., Kriek, M., Franx, M., van Dokkum, P. G., Bezanson, R., Bouwens, R. J., Quadri, R. F., Rix, H.-W., & Skelton, R. E. 2013, ApJ, 771, 85

  14. 14.Quiescent Galaxies in the 3D-HST Survey: Spectroscopic Confirmation of a Large Number of Galaxies with Relatively Old Stellar Populations at z~2
    Whitaker, K. E., van Dokkum, P. G., Brammer, G., Momcheva, I. G., Skelton, R., Franx, M., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Fumagalli, M., Lundgren, B. F., Nelson, E. J., Patel, S. G., & Rix, H.-W. 2013, ApJ, 770, L39

  15. 15.Massive and Newly Dead: Discovery of a Significant Population of Galaxies with High Velocity Dispersions and Strong Balmer Lines at z~1.5 from Deep Keck Spectra and HST/WFC3 Imaging
    Bezanson, R., van Dokkum, P., van de Sande, J., Franx, M., & Kriek, M. 2013, ApJ, 764, L8

  16. 16.The Radial Distribution of Star Formation in Galaxies at z~1 from the 3D-HST Survey
    Nelson, E. J., van Dokkum, P., Momcheva, I., Brammer, G., Lundgren, B., Skelton, R., Whitaker, K., Da Cunha, E., Förster Schreiber, N., Franx, M., Fumagalli, M., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Leja, J., Patel, S., Rix, H.-W., Schmidt, K., van der Wel, A., & Wuyts, S. 2013, ApJ, 763, L16

  17. 17.Large-scale Star-formation-driven Outflows at 1 < z < 2 in the 3D-HST Survey
    Lundgren, B. F., Brammer, G., van Dokkum, P., Bezanson, R., Franx, M., Fumagalli, M., Momcheva, I., Nelson, E., Skelton, R. E., Wake, D., Whitaker, K., da Cunha, E., Erb, D. K., Fan, X., Kriek, M., Labbé, I., Marchesini, D., Patel, S., Rix, H.-W., Schmidt, K., & van der Wel, A. 2012, ApJ, 760, 49

  18. 18.Hα Equivalent Widths from the 3D-HST Survey: Evolution with Redshift and Dependence on Stellar Mass
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  19. 19.3D-HST: A Wide-field Grism Spectroscopic Survey with the Hubble Space Telescope
    Brammer, G. B., van Dokkum, P. G., Franx, M., Fumagalli, M., Patel, S., Rix, H.-W., Skelton, R. E., Kriek, M., Nelson, E., Schmidt, K. B., Bezanson, R., da Cunha, E., Erb, D. K., Fan, X., Förster Schreiber, N., Illingworth, G. D.; Labbé, I. Leja, J., Lundgren, B., Magee, D., Marchesini, D., McCarthy, P., Momcheva, I., Muzzin, A., Quadri, R., Steidel, C. C., Tal, T., Wake, D., Whitaker, K. E., & Williams, A. 2012, ApJS, 200, 13

  20. 20.Spatially Resolved Hα Maps and Sizes of 57 Strongly Star-forming Galaxies at z ~ 1 from 3D-HST: Evidence for Rapid Inside-out Assembly of Disk Galaxies
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  21. 21.A Large Population of Massive Compact Post-Starburst Galaxies at z>1: Implications for the Size Evolution and Quenching Mechanism of Quiescent Galaxies
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  22. 22.Hα and 4000 Å Break Measurements for ~3500 K-selected Galaxies at 0.5<z<2.0
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  23. 23.First Results from the 3D-HST Survey: The Striking Diversity of Massive Galaxies at z>1
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  25. 25.Redshift Evolution of the Galaxy Velocity Dispersion Function
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  26. 26.A stellar velocity dispersion of a compact massive galaxy at z=1.80 using X-Shooter: confirmation of the evolution in the mass-size relation
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  27. 27.Evolution of Galaxy Stellar Mass Functions, Mass Densities, and Mass to Light Ratios from z~7 to z~4
    González, V., Labbé, I., Bouwens, R., Illingworth, G. D. Franx, M., & Kriek, M. 2011, ApJ, 735, L34

  28. 28.The NEWFIRM Medium-band Survey: Photometric Catalogs, Redshifts and the Bimodal Color Distribution of Galaxies out to z~3
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  30. 30.The evolution of the mass-size relation to z=3.5 for UV-bright galaxies and sub-mm galaxies in the GOODS-NORTH field
    Mosleh, M., Williams, R. J., Franx, M., & Kriek, M. 2011, ApJ, 727, 5

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