Astro C10: Introduction to General Astronomy

This is the website for sections 103 and 104 of Astro C10, Fall 2008. I've put my syllabus below, and I'll update this website periodically with worksheets and review material from class.


The syllabus gives a brief overview of what we'll learn about this semester, as well as an explanation of what Professor Filippenko and I hope you will get out of the class.


Worksheets and solutions

Below are all the worksheets I've handed out in class. I'll try to include both html and pdf versions, but the html copies may not display correctly on your computer unless your browser has fonts for all the mathematical symbols. I'll also post solutions to the worksheets when it seems helpul to do so.

Worksheet 1htmlpdfSolutions 1htmlpdf
Worksheet 2htmlpdfSolutions 2htmlpdf
Worksheet 3htmlpdfSolutions 3htmlpdf
Worksheet 4htmlpdfSolutions 4htmlpdf
Worksheet 5htmlpdfSolutions 5htmlpdf


ParallaxpdfMy solution to one of the questions from homework 2, which I meant to use as a review of parallax.
Stellar EvolutionpdfA long-winded review of stellar evolution.

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