Dr. Ori Fox, Post-Doc


I am a postdoc working with Alex Filippenko and his group.  My research includes supernovae and their progenitors, as well as other transient events.  I also work on instrumentation, with a focus on infrared sensors and technologies.

Research Interests

-Supernovae; Dust; CSM Interaction; Shock Breakout

-Supernovae Progenitors

-GRB characterization and explosion mechanism

-GRBs as probes of reionization

-Infrared Detectors & Instrumentation; RATIR

-UPDATE: SN 2014J!  The Closest Reddened Type Ia Supernova of *MY* Lifetime.  See the KAIT discovery sequence animated GIF to the right.  A nice press release summary here.

RATIR UNAM Website: http://ratir.astroscu.unam.mx/public/

email: ofox[at]berkeley.edu

mail: Astronomy Department

B-20 Hearst Field Annex #3411

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-3411


2003: B.A., Boston University

2010: Ph.D., University of Virginia

2010 - 2012 : NPP Fellow, NASA Goddard

2012: Postdoc at Berkeley

Selected Publications  (Full ADS Listing)

Zheng, W., et al. 2014, “Estimating the First-Light Time of the Type Ia Supernova 2014J in M82.” Submitted to ApJL, arXiv:1401.7968.

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